Adult Development Program

About the Adult Development Program

The Adult Development Program (ADP) is an adult day program designed to support you if your abilities and  needs mean you might want or need some extra help and support. The program focuses on life skills, maintaining health and wellness, social interaction and integration, and meeting personal needs which includes recreation and leisure.

Operating from the main CLC site on Hespeler Road, the ADP program aims to provide you with a fulfilling day matched to your interests. Programs are offered from the main location, but include frequent activities and day trips in Cambridge and beyond.

The core philosophy of ADP is to provide people with fulfilling opportunities in a safe and caring environment.

What happens at ADP?

At ADP, you’ll have the chance to participate in a wide variety of activities such as: arts and crafts, games, drumming, gardening, storytelling, and reading to encourage development of  personal interests, peer connections, self-expression, relaxation, and pursuit of hobbies.

Community-based activities include swimming, horseback riding, as well as trips to local parks, shopping malls, libraries, galleries, and museums.

I want to attend the Adult Development Program

Program placements are funded by the MCSS. When a vacancy arises in a program, Community Living Cambridge receives the names of people from the Ministry. These names come from their list of those awaiting a residential placement. If you or your loved one are interested in being a part of programming at CLC, you should contact Developmental Services Ontario to determine if you are eligible and complete an application.  Some program fee-for-services are available on a limited basis.

For more details on the Adult Development Program, contact Kerri Galvao.