Franklin Centre

About Franklin Centre

The recently renovated Franklin Centre, is located at 466 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge. A thriving hub of activity and programming, you’ll have the chance to experience a wide range of fitness, art, recreation, and interest-based activities, as well as special events throughout the year. The goal of Franklin Centre is to give you the chance to choose activities that excite you and meet your needs. A typical day at Franklin Centre offers up to 15 programs to choose from.

As Franklin Centre continues to grow, CLC is working hard to connect to groups within the Cambridge community to create new opportunities for participants and their neighbours to play, volunteer, and share together. The goal is to create a hub of activity from which you can choose “in house” or community opportunities.

Franklin Centre is also home to the CLC Seniors Program. If you are 55+, the Seniors Program is your chance to stay active, get involved in the community, and enjoy life. The program offers a variety of leisure activities catered to individual interests.


What happens at Franklin Centre?

Programs and activities offered include:

  • Music (drumming, karaoke)
  • Arts (woodworking, painting, and knitting)
  • Physical Exercise (dancing, outdoor walking)
  • Leisure (photography, board games, Ipads)
  • Community (city explorers, gardening with the Galt Horticultural Society)
  • Supported Volunteering (supporting community organizations like the Food Bank and Meals on Wheels)
  • Seniors Program


I want to be involved in programs at Franklin Centre

*There is a wait list for Franklin Centre programs.*

Program placements are funded by the MCSS. When a vacancy arises in a program, Community Living Cambridge receives the names of people from the Ministry. These names come from their list of those awaiting a Community Program Supports placement. If you or your loved one are interested in being a part of programming at CLC, you should contact Developmental Services Ontario to determine if you are eligible and complete an application.

For more details on the Franklin Centre, contact Joanne Leslie.