Associate Home Program

About Associate Home Program

Are you interested in living on your own, but want an environment more like a family home setting? The CLC Associate Home Program (AHP) can match you with individualized care within a supportive family environment. Through a series of interviews and meetings, CLC can help you make a match with a family, couple, or individual in our community to live together on a full time basis.

How does AHP work?

The AHP model is based on making a good match to ensure you can meet your goals, wishes, and needs for how you live. The AHP program is designed to help you balance a more independent living setting with getting the right kind and amount of support. The goal is create a great living arrangement between people and their associate home provider.

I want to live in an Associate Home

For more details on Residential Services, contact Chris Heath.

Do you want to be an Associate Home Program provider?

Interested individuals or families must successfully complete the Associate Home Provider home study, reference checks, police checks, medical forms, and fire and health inspections of your home.

For more information contact the Associate Home Program manager, Teresa Reis.