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News Story Thursday, October 19, 2023

AGM Report 2023

News Story Monday, August 01, 2022

Apply Now: CLC Board of Directors

Since 1954, Community Living Cambridge (CLC) has been serving adults with developmental disabilities. The Agency is a progressive, community-based organization dedicated to creating opportunities to support people with disabilities to realize their citizenship, aspirations, and life opportunities.

Community Living Cambridge operates with a volunteer Board of Directors consisting of a maximum of 13 members. They are responsible for and have control of all the governance and policies of the Agency. CLC is currently seeking board members with a background in accounting, law, marketing, fundraising, real estate and community or city development.


News Story Thursday, October 22, 2020

Anxiety reducing smart watch pilot project comes to CLC

CLC is participating in a pilot project by Awake Labs, developers of a technology that helps people with developmental disabilities manage anxiety. They have designed a software system that uses a smart watch worn by the person experiencing anxiety, and a mobile device for caregivers to monitor real-time stress indicators. The watch measures their physiological state, including anxiety. The app alerts the staff when there is heightened anxiety. 

The pilot project was launched this week, with 12 of our participants. The software uses a Samsung smart watch and corresponding iPods to communicate with the smart watches, worn by designated participants.

Stress is often a precursor to other behaviour like agitation and aggression. Anxiety is a really hard thing to observe in someone else because there often aren’t any signs until it has progressed to an outward behaviour. Early intervention is most effective, which is where this technology earns its recognition. 

The watch measures strong emotions, both positive and negative, like excitement, fear and anxiety. The app uses an algorithm developed by scientists at Holland Bloorview Hospital, calculating heart rate and motion to score those emotions as normal, low, medium, or high. When an emotion increases, a notification is sent to the caregivers mobile device. This helps reduce the number of stress related incidents, and minimize behavioural incidents. 


Update from the COVID Recovery Team regarding visitors

Download this PDF.



Community Gardens 1Community Gardens 2Community Gardens 3Community Gardens 4Community Gardens 5Community Gardens 6Community Gardens 7

Community Gardens at Franklin Centre

The community garden at Franklin Centre is a labour of love.  It was designed, built and now facilitated by CLC staff for our community families and group homes.  Jonathan and Joanne built the garden itself and the residential folks planted it over the course of the last two months.  It went from a random patch of grass to a beautiful, peaceful place to come and enjoy.

The vegetable garden has been planted with corn, two types of squash, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, watermelon and peppers. There is also an herb and sensory garden. In this garden you are able to engage all five of your senses with the garden.  There is therapeutic moss to walk on in bare feet, there are herbs to touch and to eat. There are flowers, sunflowers, wind chimes, a bug and butterfly house, hummingbird feeders, and everyone’s favourite, a “sensitive plant’ which you’ll have to come and see for yourself why it gets its’ name.


Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019 2Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019 3Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019 4Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019

Cambridge Santa Claus Parade 2019

A huge shout out to AMJ Campbell for making it possible for CLC to participate in the Cambridge Santa Claus Parade. This is the 5th consecutive year that AMJ Campbell has generously sponsored CLC in the Santa Claus Parade, providing the truck, driver, supplies and hours and hours of preparation work so the floats can look as amazing as they have.  Well done everyone!

The theme this year was the Nightmare Before Christmas and everyone on the float and walking alongside were dressed as elves.  The costumes were fantastic and fortunately the weather was better than past years, a little chilly, but at least no one got rained on.


A Visit with Therapy Dogs

We had a little visitor, named Willow at North Lodge today. Thank you to her handler, Debbie for sharing the puppy love with us today.



AGM Report 2023

AGM Report 2023


Apply Now: CLC Board of Directors

Apply Now: CLC Board of Directors


Anxiety reducing smart watch pilot project comes to CLC

Anxiety reducing smart watch pilot project comes to CLC



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