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AMJ Campbell – Who’s Who of Community

Grinch Parade

AMJ Campbell has been operating in Cambridge for 15 years, providing every moving solution, from local residential moves, to commercial long-haul re-locations to complex specialized logistical solutions. They do it all.  Their website describes them as “a local relocation company with heart” and we couldn’t agree more.

AMJ Campbell believes in giving back to the community and supporting local charities. Lenny Malley and Shawn Messenger, owners of AMJ Campbell, often partner with non-profits. One of the ways in which they do so is by helping a non-profit put a float together for the Santa Claus Parade each year.

Heather Schmitz, an AMJ employee, grew up in Cambridge and yet had never heard of CLC until a friend nominated her to serve on our Board of Directors. When the discussion came up at work to choose the charity to support in the Santa Claus Parade, Heather suggested us, and AMJ Campbell didn’t just agree to take the project on, they put their heart and soul into it. They wanted to give us brand exposure, to tell the community who we are and what we do. Heather went from not knowing who we are, to representing us as Vice Chair of the Board!

The first year AMJ Campbell partnered with CLC on a float, the theme was ‘I am more than you see.’ The following year the theme was,‘Our future is so bright.’ Last year the theme was ‘Whoville’, a theme so popular it returned again in 2018, along with design and costume updates, and even MORE lights!

Each year, no matter how many new lights are added, Lenny says, “We need more lights!” Whoville is such a meaningful theme because we all strive for a sense of community, no matter if we are short or tall, old or young, green or white, grinches or who-fellas.  Together we are community, a united, amazing community. Whoville does just that, it unites us.

When AMJ Campbell speaks of what it’s like to partner with CLC, Heather says, “We were astounded by the help and active participation from staff and volunteers in putting the floats together. Rain or shine, sleet or snow, the participants are the happiest ever! They get so excited about being involved in the festivities.  It’s about community. Once we decided to partner with CLC, there was no turning back. We wanted to own it!” from the looks of this year’s float, they did just that, going on the claim ‘Best Community Entry’ float for the 2018 Cambridge Santa Claus Parade.

Thank you, AMJ Campbell for showing us who’s who in community.

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