Christmas Float in Cambridge Ontario

How I came to Community Living Cambridge....

It all started 4 years ago with a Christmas Float! My friend Heather, who worked for a local transportation company- AMJ Campbell, was a board member at Community Living Cambridge.  As part of her service with Community Living, Heather organized the parade float to be sponsored by AMJ Campbell, and that year the float would be driven by my husband Kent Dowling. When it came down to putting the float together, they needed volunteers to help, and I was happy to I donate my time to assist in putting the float together. I met and had the chance to work with some of the great people who worked with and helped manage the agency and became friends with one of the managers. The staff loved having my son and I helping, and thought he was the cutest little guy working hard to help out. On one of these occasions, she mentioned that if I was ever looking for a change, I should consider applying at Community Living Cambridge. I talked it over with my husband who was quick to encourage me as he thought I would be a good fit. He knew that I enjoy working with people, am very outgoing, get along with everyone, and am a “social butterfly”. I decided to give it a try and worked with a good friend of mine to go over my resume before submitting it to the agency. A few days later, I got a call to come in for and interview, and shortly after, I accepted a position with Community Living Cambridge! Almost 4 years later, I am still here and loving my job.

J. Dowling

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