Amy Valletta

Introducing Amy

Amy Valletta is the newest edition to the director team here at CLC, as the Director of Community Participation Supports.

She has lived in the region for nine years, is married and has two adorable little ones.

When the opportunity arose to work for Community Living Cambridge, Amy felt like it was a natural fit as she has always had a passion for supporting vulnerable populations. Empowering people to be the hero of their own story is what gets her out of bed each morning.  She is driven, both personally and professionally by one simple thought – that our community can be more inclusive, supportive and compassionate.

Having children has put that all into perspective for Amy, as she wants a better world for those that will come after us. She mentioned, “…it actually doesn’t matter to me how smart or accomplished my kids are, what matters most to me is their kindness and the respect they have for others. Who they will sit with, play with at recess, and who they share their lunch with. That’s what matters.” She feels privileged to have the opportunity to champion that mindset for her family and the Cambridge community.

Amy is a teacher by trade, with varied experience in education, youth services, and mental health. Developmental services is new for her, but it is clear that her core values align with those of CLC’s and the incredible work done here.  She has a genuine interest in people’s lives, their story, and she cares about who they are as individuals.

For Amy, the best thing about CLC is the people she works with and the people we support.  “We have a lot of hard-working people who come to work every day, year after year, which says something about the quality of our staff. The dedication and years of service of our staff is truly remarkable, and unlike anything I have ever been a part of before.”

The greatest challenge for Amy since starting a few months ago, has been understanding the depth of supports and services our agency provides. “It is incredible the number of things we do here, and I feel as though I have just barely scratched the surface.” Her goal is to continue to learn the intricacies of CLC’s programs and services, with the intention of ensuring everyone has the tools and resources necessary to continue to do really good work.

Amy is grateful to everyone, staff and participants, for such a warm welcome to agency. She is genuinely excited to be a part of our team and looks forward to all the great work that is ahead of us!

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