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Jim Dunn Retirement Message

Jim Dunn, a prominent athlete from the Cambridge Tigers, a special Olympics baseball team, has mixed emotions about retiring from the sport. Throughout his life, his love and enthusiasm for the game, especially the sheer joy of playing it, has remained constant. Therefore, he felt compelled to express his deep appreciation for baseball, its significant impact on his life, and the satisfaction he derived from playing it. The following is his reflection on retiring from the sport:

"I would like to make an announcement about my retirement. I enjoyed playing the game of baseball- the memories that I have will be treasured forever. I will never forget the people were a part of my life: coaches and volunteers helped me along the way, to get me into sports.  I leave behind the legacy that will live on. I will never forget the players that played for our team- baseball is about sportsmanship and it’s all about having fun. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. 

 I liked our home coaches, they treated us nice. The tournaments were nice, as we went on to Guelph. We played against Guelph, it was a good game and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. The game that we love in the sport is what’s on our minds. I will never forget what the coach had been telling us for

Thanks for the memories and to all that had been a part of my life, as we say goodbye to the last and final time. I will never forget the coaches for what they have done.  I enjoyed my time with baseball I hit a ball over there on the field. It was good, and then after when I only had it is short distance away but it was fun though but I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed playing against the Police, and last year we played against them it was a good time. The memories will never fade away as long as I can remember playing ball is one of the best sports. In the city it is the best sport and we are proud to be a Cambridge Tigers. As long as I can remember, when I put on my Cambridge Tigers jersey for the first time I was so happy. I got a chance just to play the game.  I enjoyed baseball it was fun to play the game. Let’s not forget baseball- it was a part of my life, and now that I will be retiring from the game, I’d like to say goodbye and thank you, and thanks for the memories."

Jim Dunn

Considering how much he is and will continue to be missed, we can only hope that Jim decides to end his retirement and once again grace us with his talent on the baseball field.

Jim Dunn next to his Wall of FameJim Dunn's Family Support

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