Lawna Paulos, Executive Director, Community Living Cambridge

Lawna began her journey as our new Executive Director on June 1st, right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since starting with us, she has worked incredibly hard to connect with as many staff and participants as possible, despite our lockdown measures. She is really excited to get out and meet everyone in person, once the opportunity allows. Until then, here’s a little more about Lawna and her road to CLC.

Lawna was born into a family of grain farmers, and raised in Northern Saskatchewan. She has two older brothers and this has undoubtedly made her a stronger, more independent woman. Lawna started her career in nursing, and spent 5 years working for various organizations, nursing homes and hospitals. From there, she transitioned into management, working primarily for non-profit organizations who provide supports and services to individuals with physical and/or developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries, dementia, and complex special needs in both group living and community settings. All together, Lawna brings with her over 25 years of experience.

When Lawna came to CLC she said, “…it just felt right. It felt like home.” She is very familiar with our community, having previously lived in Waterloo Region. She now resides in Ancaster, with her 3 children; 1 daughter and 2 sons. She enjoys the commute too and loves what is a beautiful, peaceful drive.

When chatting with Lawna, it doesn’t take long to see that she is passionate about many things: connecting with people, making a difference, staying positive and always pursuing happiness. Her connections with people are genuine and authentic, and she has a vested interest in making things better and moving forward. She explains, “…it feels good when we are doing something meaningful. And I am excited about all the amazing and important things we do here, and will continue to do.”

Arriving at CLC in the midst of so many changes and in such an unprecedented time, the biggest focus right now is navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on CLC. Ensuring that we can continue to provide quality supports and services safely for both our participants and staff is a top priority. The team has been and will continue to work hard to find ways to provide person-centred care and programming for the people we support as well as keep everyone healthy.

When asked what program or area she is most excited about, the response was a resounding “…all of them! I see the value of, and potential in, all areas. CLC has remarkable people with countless ideas, and I believe there will be so many opportunities that come our way.  We have an incredible foundation with which to build on!”

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