Marilena Celebrates 15 Years of Service Milestone at Starbucks

Marilena Celebrates 15 Years of Service Milestone at Starbucks

Congratulations to Marilena Feraco for achieving 15 years of service milestone at Starbucks Sportsworld Drive, Kitchener. As a Café Attendant, she helps with the preparations to keep the team going all day, especially during busy weekend hours. She shared that the best part of the job is being able to accomplish things on her own. Working has made her feel fulfilled, knowing she can be independent and contribute to the team.

Marilena enjoys working, “I like how people treat me. They are very friendly… sometimes they sing, they joke or laugh with me.” Every Saturday, she takes two buses and arrives an hour early for her shift to relax before starting. Her coworkers at Starbucks appreciate having her on the team. The store manager, Patti, said that Marilena is attentive to detail and always happy to take on new tasks. She is reliable and genuinely cares about her responsibilities. Her Job Coach, Jennifer Saunders, also recognized her commitment, “she is very independent in her job. When I went in to visit her at her place of employment, she's focused; she’s doing her work.” Marilena inspired many people with her accomplishment and dedication, but most importantly, she made herself proud, “it felt really good,” she said about receiving the award.

When Marilena is not working, she spends her time travelling or doing other hobbies. She explored and dined in Europe as well as local tourist spots. “I also love a little bit of shopping,” she responded after getting a compliment for her fashion sense. At home, her go-to fun activities are watching movies and baking pepperoni pizza. She also likes DIY projects and recently helped build a kitchen cabinet and paint walls and frames.

Marilena and her family first learned about the programs at Community Living Cambridge (CLC) in 2004, and she has been with the agency since then. They are thankful for the Supported Employment Services team at CLC. Her sister Lidia, who has been a powerful advocate, has said that Marilena has come a long way since she was diagnosed with Autism. Marilena expressed that her Job Coaches throughout these years—Joe Sousa, Jane Spina, and most recently, Jennifer Saunders—have played a vital role in helping her succeed in a job she loves doing.

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Marilena at Franklin CentreMarilena at Franklin CentreMarilena at Franklin Centre

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