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Meet Jacob

In honour of Down Sydrome Awareness week, I would like to introduce you to Jacob.
Jacob brings a ray of sunshine with him everywhere he goes. He loves to make people laugh and often resorts to clowning around to do so. Jacob, who has grown up in Cambridge, has lived with his Granny since his mom went to heaven several years ago. His cousins also live with Granny now, making for a busy household and a fun place to be. He has a camera and loves to take pictures especially of his cousins when they least expect it. “I love it when they say ‘hey, watch it!’”
Jacob volunteers once a week on one of the Action Squads run through Community Networks. An action squad is a group of interested individuals who volunteer with the support of a job coach at local charitable organizations. Jacob’s Action Squad helps out at 3 different sites across Cambridge. I had the pleasure of visiting him on the last session of the season at Rare charitable Organization, educational gardens. The Action Squad also volunteers sorting food at the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank and Meals on Wheels.
Rare is Jacob’s favourite volunteer site. Job coach, Nicole Fraser says, “He lights up every time they come.” One of his favourite things to do after their work is done, is to take a little walk around the property, checking out the sunflowers, tasting the grapes growing over the arbour or having the opportunity to see the neighbours pigs. At Rare, the action squad maintains their own garden beds, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting. Jacob is not a fan of weeding especially when you come across the prickly weeds that still manage to get you through your gloves, but he does enjoy taking home the edible harvest. This year they planted and tended: carrots, tomatoes, cauliflower, cucumber and onions and garlic.
Jacob attends Franklin Centre during the week and he is on the Special Olympics five pin bowling team. It’s evident by what Jacob wears, he is a big time Toronto Maple Leafs fan. He’s really hoping they finally win the Stanley Cup this year!

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