Meet Seyed, Owner of Mr. Convenience Too

Seyed Jalali, owner of Mr. Convenience Too, purchased the gas bar and convenience store downtown Galt 4 years ago. When Seyed, who calls Burlington home, first discovered the location he was impressed and quite pleased with the Cambridge community.

Seyed is most often the one working behind the counter, and he’ll greet you with a warm “hello.”  He enjoys his job even though the hours are long, but perhaps that’s attributed to his peaceful morning commute through the countryside. Seyed likes meeting new people and takes the time to get to know his customers. He says he knows about 90% of them, as they are mostly regulars.

Mr. Convenience Too sells everything you can imagine, including Nevada Tickets, or sometimes called Break Open Tickets. These are paper style tickets that offer a chance to win instant prizes up to $100. Not too bad considering they only cost fifty cents!  What makes these Nevada tickets unique is that the proceeds from the sale support local charities.  Seyed’s tickets support Community Living Cambridge.  Seyed says he chose us for the good service we provide to the community. He says selling the tickets, “…helps you (CLC) and it helps me. We both benefit.” These Nevada tickets raise approximately $6000 for our organization each year, thank you Seyed for choosing Community Living Cambridge!

So remember the next time you are in Galt, stop in to Mr. Convenience Too at the corner of Beverly and Kerr Street, and buy a few Nevada Tickets in support of Community Living Cambridge. If Seyed is working, be sure to say hello and thank him for choosing to be our community partner!


Gas Station

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