This is the Family at Stirling Macgregor

This is the family at Stirling McGregor. The warm, welcoming place that Patsy, Joanie, Malisa, and Kristine call home.

I was warmly greeted by Patsy, who loves to make everyone feel welcome by offering a cup of tea or coffee. Patsy is retired, and loves to stay home and do arts and crafts.

Joanie shares proudly with visitors that she was the very first resident of Stirling McGregor (which at that time was Brook Street).  Joanie also enjoys arts and crafts, and both her and Patsy love their babies. In the summer they love to take them for walks in their strollers, and they especially love dressing them up in festive outfits.

Malisa, who is newer to family, likes to go on hikes with everyone and she is passionate about music.  Malisa loves coffee, doing her make-up and nails and going for drives in the car.

Kristine, who is also new to the family, is a huge wrestling fan and an avid sports fan. She enjoys grocery shopping for meals and assisting with the cooking.  She has also taken keenly to meditating.

Stirling McGregor, like all CLC homes, is full of incredible staff. Aylah smiles affectionately as she tells me, “…it’s nice that the girls could all stay together (when they moved), and the addition of some new faces has been wonderful.” Aylah considers Stirling MacGregor as her home away from home, or as she affectionately calls it, ‘her work family.’

One of the special features of this home is that they have a meditation room in the basement. Each of the residents has their own personalized ISP graphic facilitation, drawn by the talented Genine McLaren, hung on the wall as a reminder of their hopes and dreams.

As a family, the women of Stirling McGregor, like to cook and try new recipes together. They have a meal plan, but they like to make some improvisations every now and then. Everyone has an input as to what they should make and everyone pitches in to help with the preparation.  Meals are a time when everyone is home and they eat together. Sometimes for a treat, the whole family will go out for dinner.

Christmas at Stirling McGregor is a hustle and bustle just like any other home! The Christmas tree is decorated together as a family.  The women all help to make ornaments and decorate the house. On Christmas morning, everyone has a good breakfast before they open up the gifts. They have a traditional turkey dinner and they are planning a special dinner with all the staff soon.

From their family to yours, the ladies of Stirling McGregor want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


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