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About Work and Volunteering

Do you want to work or volunteer in the community? We have several different program options to suit your specific needs:

I’m interested in work or volunteering

Program placements are funded by the MCCSS. When a vacancy arises in a program, Community Living Cambridge receives the names of people from the Ministry. These names come from their list of those awaiting a placement. If you or your loved one are interested in being a part of programming at CLC, you should contact Developmental Services Ontario to determine if you are eligible and complete an application.

I’m finishing school and making plans for what comes next

Are you moving from the school system into post-school life? Whether you are interested in working, volunteering, social growth, further community-based academics, or making meaningful connections in Cambridge, Community Connections is the place for you. CLC can work with you to help plan for life in the community based on your needs, wishes, and interests.

I want to work

Ready for work? CLC Supported Employment Services can help you decide if work is right for you, as well as help you get ready for your job. The SES team offers support geared to your abilities, interests and marketable job skills. SES can help you explore potential jobs and employment opportunities, write your resume, and prepare for your interview. Once you get a job, SES can help with hands-on site training and ongoing job coaching.

I want to volunteer

Do you want to give back to your community? Community Options can support you as you integrate into the community through volunteer work. The Community Options team can help with finding, applying for, and training for a position that suits your needs. You will receive ongoing coaching to help make your placement a success.

For more details on programs involving work or volunteering, contact Teresa Reis.




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