Group Homes

About our Group Homes

Community Living Cambridge supports a range of residential living options that offer you or your loved one the flexibility to meet your residential needs and wants. Each of our group homes is staffed by trained CLC staff and meets the compliance requirements of the Ministry of Community and Social Services  (MCSS). Each CLC group home is home to 3-6 people.

Community Living Cambridge operates 24 group homes located throughout Cambridge that focus on safe, quality housing that lets people create a home environment. The agency’s residential philosophy is grounded in dignity and individual choice in a caring environment.

In order to better support residents of our group homes, Community Living Cambridge has developed specialized support skills that match the needs of those we serve. Specialized group homes currently exist for youth at risk, autism spectrum, hearing impairments, and senior care.

What happens in our Group Homes

Our Group Homes are designed to provide person-centered assistance, so each individual can actively participate in the community, contribute in their own way , share ordinary places and, most importantly, exercise their right to be included.

I want to live in a CLC Group Home

Residential placements are funded by the MCSS. When a vacancy arises in a residential program, Community Living Cambridge receives the names of people from the Ministry. These names come from their list of those awaiting a residential placement. If you or your loved one are interested in group home living at CLC, you should contact Developmental Services Ontario to determine if you are eligible and complete an application.

For more details on Residential Services, contact Chris Heath.