Barry & Amber

Bowling Brings Friends Together

Amber Murphy took up 5-pin bowling about 3 years ago as a way to get more active and get herself out of the house. In the beginning, as with most new endeavors, she wasn’t very good and would often get down on herself when she was having a bad game. But, her best friend was there with her and knew that in time, her games would improve.  He helped her through these moments, encouraging her and offering tips to improve her technique. He took the time to teach her things that he had learned from his teacher which Amber put to practice and watched her personal best get better.  She was honoured to be selected to attend Special Olympics Nationals in P.E.I. in May of this year. Amber went with no expectations other than hoping to have some fun and she came home with memories of a great trip, and a Bronze medal. Was she nervous competing so far from home?  Of course she was, but she didn’t let her nerves affect her game, going on to achieve her own personal best.  But the absolute best part of bowling for Amber, is being with friends.

Barry Green has been bowling seriously for the last 10-15 years. He prefers 10-pin, as this allows better control of the ball. Like Amber, he first joined a bowling league to meet new people and enjoy friends. Bowling, for Barry, would be all year if he could but most leagues take the summers off. Barry feels it’s good to keep bowling in the summer occasionally to keep up your skills. Sandra Goodwin is his coach, and Barry speaks very highly of her and the help she has given him not only in the game but also to ensure he plays with equipment that is right for him. One of the highlights for Barry, while attending the Nationals, was the opportunity to have lessons with a professional bowler who tweaked Barry’s technique. Barry came home from P.E.I. with a Gold medal for overall events and a Silver for singles. He is most proud that he achieved his personal best average in 6 out of the 9 games he played and what puts he biggest smile on his face, is knowing that his friend, Amber was selected to attend Nationals too!

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in my attempt.” ~SOO Athletes Oath

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