This Is Wayne

This is Wayne.
Valued Employee!

Wayne moved to Cambridge with his family when he was in his late twenties. He had grown up in Toronto, where he had been employed at various jobs in the community. His last job left him discouraged and anxious about going to work, to the point where he didn’t want to go anymore and handed in his resignation. When he moved to Cambridge he kept himself busy babysitting his sister’s children while she worked. Wayne enjoyed providing assistance to her until the kids were too old for a babysitter. After he lost both his parents, he moved in with his Uncle Tom, who had recently retired. This is good for Wayne as he enjoys when someone else does the cooking.

Wayne heard about ARC Industries (now called Franklin Centre) and one hot summer day, he hopped on his bike and rode in from Preston, looking for a job with us. He worked full time with ARC for the first three years, gaining confidence and improving his work skills.

By 2011, Wayne felt ready for a community job, so with the assistance of Supported Employment Services, Wayne landed a successful paid placement at a home furnishings store. He assembles lamps and furniture items, unloads trucks and assists customers with carry outs. Wayne has been awarded “Team Member of the Quarter” for his outstanding work ethic and dedication. He has been described as having a sense of humour, an ability to get along with everyone and is always willing to perform any task that is asked of him. On his last performance review his manager states, “life is fast and Wayne reminds us to take the time to say hello.”

Wayne enjoys his job, and it shows as he is never late and enjoys saying hello to everyone. What he likes most about his co-workers, is that they treat him with respect.
Wayne does more than put all his effort into working. He also enjoys watching hockey games, swimming and training for Special Olympics Basketball. If you’re lucky enough to see Wayne, you’ll know him by the proud smile on his face.

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